Mcculloch Chamber of Commerce

By downloading any images, the Purchaser acknowledges and understands that the copyright exclusively belongs to Lacie Grant Photography. The Purchaser understands and agrees that they are licensing these images for direct marketing and advertising purposes-Any other use should be discussed and approved by Lacie Grant Photography. The Purchaser understands that it is illegal to exchange, share, or sell any digital files provided with outside entities that are directly affiliated with the purchasers marking and advertising team. Additionally, any images uploaded online should be resized files to protect Lacie Grant Photography's intellectual property-Hi Resolution files can not be shared online. Upon expiration of the license agreement, all files should be removed from websites and any image archives.

As the copyright owner, Lacie Grant Photography has the right to use these images any way  in digital or printed formats. In addition, Lacie Grant Photography can release and grant licensing use for these images to other related businesses for an additional fees.

If you have any questions over intellectual property, copyrights, or image licensing, please let me know.


Lacie Grant